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The Top 5 WWE Signature Moves

Many of the superstars who have worked in the WWE, and have entertained fans for years. Along with their unique entrances, the wrestlers also have their special signature maneuvers which attract the fans worldwide.

Signature moves are well known special moves performed by a wrestler in every match before delivering their finishers to seal the deal. Signature moves also play a key role in a wrestler’s career, as it separates that superstar from all the other superstars on the roster.

In this article, we will try to list the best 10 signature moves performed by WWE Superstars. #1 Seth Rollins - Buckle Bomb

Seth Rollins has proven himself as the best athlete in the WWE, and also has become one of the most loved wrestlers. The Kingslayer’s signature move, Buckle Bomb, is far better than Batista’s Bomb, and Kevin Owens' Pop up power bomb.Seth Rollins performs buckle bomb before performing his finisher - Curb Stomp.

Though this move had put Finn Balor on the shelf for a long time, the Intercontinental Champion has used the move to perfection ever since. Rollins picks up his opponent on his shoulders and throws them towards the turnbuckle brutally, to set up his finisher.

#2 The Very European Uppercut - Cesaro
No move sounds better in the WWE than Cesaro’s Very European uppercut. The Swiss Superman has a variety of uppercuts like, the discus uppercut and springboard uppercut, but the Very European uppercut is the most brutal move used by him to knock out his opponents.
No one in the Pro Wrestling world can deliver such powerful uppercuts like Cesaro, and the Very European uppercut is one of the most prominent signature moves in WWE.

#3 Superman Punch - Roman Reigns

"Superman Punch", the signature move of 'The Big Dog' Roman Reigns, reminds us of the superhero Superman. The name of the signature move very much suits the way Roman Reigns hits his right hand on the opponent, executing the jaw dropping move.

Roman Reigns charges himself up before starting the move, banging his fist to the mat and fiercely runs towards his opponent, jumps in the air, and delivers his marvelous Superman Punch. The fans love to see this move, as The Big Dog nearly crushes the teeth of the opponent. #4 Splash on the floor - Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio made his much awaited return this year at SmackDown Live 1000. The Master of 619 is looking in great shape, and is entertaining his fans thoroughly via his high-flying moves. Rey Mysterio has come up with a new move which excites the fans, and it is known as the "Splash on the floor”.

The Biggest Little Man keeps all the fans engaged with his high risk moves, and the splash on the floor is a fascinating move to watch. Rey Mysterio settles the opponent outside the ring, runs towards the ropes, slides down under third rope and executes a splash on the opponent. #5 Leap of Faith - Shane McMahon

Leap of Faith is one of the most high-risk moves ever witnessed in WWE history. And the master of that move is none other than the commissioner of the blue brand, Shane McMahon.A devastating elbow drop from a severe height is executed by Shane O Mac.

Whether he is standing on the third rope, above the steel cage, or any extreme height, Shane McMahon never scares to execute the Leap of Faith. One of the highlights of his career was when he soared with an elbow drop from top of the steel cage at WrestleMania 32 against The Phenom.


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