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The History of The WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Wrestling Championship Belt

In professional wrestling, championship belts are an essential part of almost any wrestler's identity. Being able to call yourself a world champion is something that no wrestler would turn down. These championship belts are often seen as validation of a wrestler's hard work, and in the case of promotions like the World Wrestling Council, it can be the pinnacle of success for a wrestler. This article looks at the history of The WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Wrestling Championship Belt and who has held it over its long existence. Let's get started.

Who Made The Belt?

In most cases, the exact date of creation is unknown. But there's a signature on the belt that says, "Crafted in Puerto Rico by Luis Gonzalez at his shop on Calle Fuentes, San Juan." Gonzalez was a well-known Puerto Rican craftsman who died in 2011. Gonzalez made belts for Carlos Colon's WWC promotion in the 1980s. That's when he signed the belt. It might be a myth, but it's said that Colon would keep the straps in his trunk because he was afraid someone would steal them. I doubt that is true, but that's how the myth started. It's not known how long Gonzalez was making belts for Colon.

How Does the Belt Look Like?

The WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Wrestling Championship belt is a 10oz. solid bronze belt with an intricate design, and inscribed on the centre of the belt are the words "World Wrestling Council." There is also an inscription in Spanish that reads "WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP."

The belt is cast from a combination of bronze and silver and then coated in 24k gold for added lustre and elegance. The official size is 1.5 inches thick (approximately 4.5cm). The design is a classic rectangular shape with rounded ends. The front face has an open border around the whole circumference, with a unique pattern of reliefs and etching.

The back side of the belt features a uniquely patterned design of large open leaves and vines on the left and broadly available scrolls on the right side with laurel wreaths between them. Five bold red stripes on both sides symbolize Puerto Rico's five provinces: Ponce, Arecibo, Humacao, Mayaguez, and San Juan. Each strip has an inscription "Puerto Rico" in small letters, followed by the province name above.

The Genesis of the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Belt

The history of the Championship belt starts with a different belt that was used for about 15 years. The first belt in WWC, Puerto Rico, was used from 1974 to 1989. It was called the Universal Heavyweight Championship. It had a red base with a black strap and a black shield. During this time, the belt changed hands many times. Some of the notable champions were El Gran Apache, Invader I, Carlos Colon, and José Luis Baravientos. The Universal Heavyweight Championship was retired when the company started showing in the United States.

Other Important Events in the History of the Belt

1989: The belt was changed to the Puerto Rican Championship belt.

1994: A new belt was created and used as the Puerto Rico Championship belt. 1995: The company returned to the old Universal Heavyweight Championship belt after a year.

1999: The company created a new belt, which was used until 2001

2002: A new belt was made and used for about four years.

2006: The current belt was created.

When did it change?

The current belt is the fifth one used in the title's history and was created in 2006. The first belt was used for about 15 years, the second for nearly ten years, and the third for about four years. Fans had speculated that the company would change the belt soon because of its low quality. The belt was broken and rusted, and it didn't look like you would use it to represent a title. Compared to the other belts, the current belt has lasted 12 years.

The Company's Current Plan for the Belt and its Possibilities

The current plan for the belt is to retire it soon. According to an insider, the belt will change hands at the next WWC show. After that, it will be retired and replaced with a new one. The company's plan for the new belt is to have it represent the company's main title. After all, the current belt has been the central belt for a long time and deserves a replacement. The company's plan for the new belt is to have it represent the company's main title. After all, the current belt has been the central belt for a long time and deserves a replacement. The new belt will be the Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship belt. It will be a real treasure representing a title coveted by many.

Final Words: Is There Hope for a Good Title in WWC?

The hope is that the company has a change of heart and keeps the current belt. The existing belt is not as valuable as a title belt should be. But it is the belt that represents the highest title in the company. If the current belt is replaced with a new one, it will not be able to live up to all the hopes and dreams of the fans. A new belt will most likely be just a regular title belt. If the company keeps the current belt, the new belt can be better. It can represent a true treasure. The existing belt is not valuable like a true treasure should be. It's made of inexpensive materials. The new belt can be made of better materials and be precious.

Step into the ring with the most prestigious championship belt in all of wrestling, the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Wrestling Championship Belt. This bad boy is made of high-quality leather and features a sleek black design with gold accents. The words "PR Heavyweight" are emblazoned across the front in bold letters, while the back is decorated with the words "WWC" in gold. This belt is perfect for aspiring wrestlers or martial artists who want to feel like real champs. So don't wait any longer; add the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Wrestling Championship Belt to your cart today!


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