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The Undertaker: How I want to Retire!

"It was a hell of a ride! #BoneyardMatch #WrestleMania #30years"....The Undertaker wrote on his social media handles. The Undertaker arguably fought his last battle in WWE against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33, where he tasted defeat after a hard-fought battle. However, The Undertaker returned to the WWE ring and fought multiple times further. In his latest performance at WrestleMania 36, The Undertaker vanquished AJ Styles in a historic Bone Yard battle. Though The Undertaker has garnered a lot of appraisal for his current victory over AJ Styles, he has finally opened up on retirement and unveiled how he wants to hang up his boots. The Undertaker revealed in an upcoming WWE Network documentary that he wants to retire on a much higher note than his previous WWE fights.

WWE have just begun releasing the five-part series on The Undertaker’s later career called ‘The Last Ride’ and it focuses on The Deadman struggling to figure out when he should hang up his boots.

The documentary titled The Last Ride where The Undertaker reportedly said, “I’m gonna go out with a match fitting The Undertaker. That’s what separates being good — great — and being a legend.”The quote is actually shrouded in The Undertaker’s signature ambiguity, but the statement comes straight after Kurt Angle’s recent comments about the Phenom.

A few weeks back, WWE veteran Kurt Angle claimed that he had a word with The Undertaker about the Deadman’s ill-fated fight opposite Goldberg in 2019. According to Kurt Angle, he advised The Undertaker to face AJ Styles in 2019 instead of Goldberg since ‘The Phenomenal One’ brings out the best from his opponents. However, WWE officials did not line up AJ Styles opposite The Undertaker back then.

For the past five years or so, Undertaker has been working one day a year give or take, and that’s normally WrestleMania. With the introduction of the shows in Saudi Arabia, he has also made those lucrative trips, too.

He’s generally worked so little because his body is so broken down. By the time he got a surgery and rehabbed whatever problem he got from or before WrestleMania, it was time for WrestleMania again.

In an interview with, the Phenom said he wants to go out on top if possible.

“When you’re thinking of the old school Undertaker, that’s not a character that comes down to the ring and says, ‘Thank you for being with me for 30 years. It’s been a great career. I want to thank…’ That’s not what that guy does if you’re being true to the character and what people want to see.

“I’ve had this amazing career, I’ve been so blessed to have this career and far exceeded the expectations of when I got in this business. But I kind of want the John Elway ending, you know? The John Elway ending, when he went out and he won a couple of Super Bowls and then retired. Or Peyton Manning, he wins the Super Bowl, then retired.

“When I’m looking at it, I want that match, that match when it’s just like, ‘Oh yeah. Bam. I still got it. I got gas in the tank, I tore it down. Now walk away.’” Whether that be a WWE title win or just a really great match only The Undertaker knows, but he certainly wants to do his name justice and matches like the one he had against Goldberg in Saudi Arabia last year aren’t good enough for that.


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