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The WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship Belt - What you Ought to Know!

This WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship Belt is an iconic executive belt competed for in the World Wrestling Council, a Puerto Rican professional wrestling promotion. The championship was founded in July 1982 as the WWC World Heavyweight Championship. The corporation was known as Capitol Sports Promotions but received a new title following a fight between Carlos Colón, representing WWC World Heavyweight Champion, and Ric Flair from NWA World Heavyweight Champion and in which the "Champion of the Universe" was to be determined. Now let's see how this belt has evolved in terms of design.

Redesign and Tournament

The belt's traditional design paid homage to its NWA roots by copying the overall style of the NWA Mid-Atlantic United States Heavyweight Championship. The belt kept the middle-area design, which prominently shows an eagle. Still, it eliminated any connections to the latter's regional origin by eliminating all portrayals referring to the United States. i

The flag of the U.s, found near a pinnacle of the eagle in the NWA Mid-Atlantic title, was replaced with a depiction of two fighters held in a wrestling hold. The political map of the United States, which was discovered in an oval beneath the eagle's feet, was replaced with a globe. The elimination of an "NWA" writing on the top of the building was another attempt to disassociate it from its regional influence. The Universal Championship displayed a mantling design rather.

The vast "United States" inscription from the NWA Mid-Atlantic championship was substituted with the word "Universal," printed in a slightly different font than its inspiration. Aside from these adjustments, the plaque's design is nearly identical to its source, except for positioning a set of screws.

The United States shield was replaced with a picture of two wrestlers in mid-hold ornamented with mantling on the significant side plates, which remained circular proportional to their inspiration. Instead of the image of two wrestlers grappling in front of a United States shield and the NWA insignia, the narrow side plates featured images of a regal crown with comparable mantling. The belt was black, like the NWA Mid-Atlantic United States Heavyweight Championship.

The design and plaque were utilized for close to three decades. The only modifications were that the banners and other embellishments were changed from black to red, and the globe design, which was initially golden, was coloured blue where the water bodies should have been.

In 2007, the WWC held a competition to determine the next champion. The eliminations for this tournament lasted six months, and the finals were chosen using a points system.

Daniel Torres (also known as Noriega) and Orlando Colón qualified for the final, held on July 19, 2008, as part of Aniversario 2008. A new belt (crafted by Mike Nicolau) was launched, while the previous design was given to Carlos Colón, who had held a farewell party earlier on in the occasion.

In 2008, WWC commissioned Top Rope Belts to invent a fresh belt design, and the business created a new pattern and design to create "something spectacular." The new plaques were designed to have a "retro feel to them," This can be seen in the redesign and displacement of several classic plaque components, including the:

● Eagle (now two smaller eagles flanking a giant globe),

● Image of wrestlers in a hold (now the central element and "layered" over the globe),

● Colors (the new scheme is black, red, and blue, unifying both classic combinations). The colors are now distributed throughout the central plaque.

Fun Fact

The first winner ever for this redesigned belt was Abdullah, the Butcher. Since its inception, forty-nine different wrestlers have held the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship belt. It has been held up on 19 occasions and vacated or stripped 13 times.

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