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The Untold Facts About WWE Hardcore Championship

The WWE Hardcore Championship belt was a pro wrestling belt created by WWE. The championship was competed under 'hardcore' rules, which meant there were no disqualifications, pinfalls, or countouts. It was founded on November 2, 1998, and it was decommissioned in August of 2002. The WWE Hardcore championship existed for only four years, but it was undeniably one of the most popular titles in wrestling history.

Holders of the WWE Hardcore Championship Belt

The title was previously known as the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Hardcore Championship. On November 2, 1998, Vince McMahon lost the belt to Mankind, who then lost it to Big Bossman. Mankind never sought to reclaim the championship after fans booed at him after losing the belt. The Hardcore Championship was initially intended to be utilized in comedy moments to promote Mankind's status as a prominent hardcore wrestler. Still, Foley became more pronounced with the audience and the growing popularity of hardcore wrestling during the time- the belt took on a life of its own. Because of its vast trend, competitor World Championship Wrestling launched its own Hardcore Championship, quickly followed by a slew of independent promotions.

The 24/7 Rule

When Crash Holly won the title, he instituted the "24/7 rule," which stated that the belt must be contested "at all times, provided a referee was present. The belt once changed hands while the titleholder was sleeping. The Headbangers hunted Crash Holly around Funtime USA, an amusement park in Brooklyn, New York. Crash had attempted multiple times to take the championship from him. He once exited the ball pit and fled the WWE facility in an episode of "Raw."

There was also a time during WrestleMania X8 when the title was caught up in an unusual turn of events. Maven, the event's champion, successfully defended against Goldust. Spike Dudley defeated Maven to win the championship after they punched each other with garbage can lids. The Hurricane then battled Spike at the backstage. Mighty Molly then overpowered the Hurricane, and she was crowned champion (and the second female to do so). Christian earned the championship by smashing a door on Molly's head as she ran to a taxi attempting to flee with the title. Christian was left outside in the car park, complaining and cursing as Maven drove in the cab and cheered.

Most people claimed the regulation made the league more entertaining and unexpected by introducing a wide range of holders and matches. On the other hand, some argued that this regulation degraded the title. This rule has resulted in the fastest title transitions and the fewest championship reigns in WWE history. For example, on April 2, 2000, at WrestleMania 2000 in Anaheim, California, there were ten title transitions in 15 minutes.

The 24/7 regulation was in effect until August 19, 2002. This happened when Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff chose to ban the rule after Tommy Dreamer won a 6-minute Hardcore Battle Royal. Previously, the law was suspended after Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy's fight at WWF Invasion for 24 hours.

How Has the WWE Hardcore Championship Belt Design Evolved?

The WWE Hardcore Championship belt is a smashed-up duplicate of the "Winged Eagle" WWF Championship belt, reconstructed with two long lengths of duct tape and the inscriptions "Hardcore" and "Champion" scrawled in marker. This belt was rumored to be similar to the one taken from Hulk Hogan by Mr. Perfect on a 1989 show of Saturday Night's Main Event and broken with a sledgehammer at the end of the episode. This has been proven untrue since the then WWF referee, Mel Phillips, kept the broken belt. The belt was purposefully shattered to establish a fresh Hardcore Championship.

Bradshaw called the title "Texas Hardcore Championship" after winning it in June 2002 and wore a bespoke belt with a Texas flag and giant bull horns to the stage. This belt was rebranded in August 2008 to fit Steve Austin's "Smoking Skull." The initial version was restored when Raven recovered the title later in June the following year. Tommy Dreamer would wear a belt with a New York license plate in place of the center plate.

Retirement and Reunification

The championship officially ended when WWE Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam beat Hardcore Champion Tommy Dreamer to reunite the titles on August 26, 2002. The strap was last seen enclosed in a hardwood and glass case and handed to Mick Foley at an in-ring event, with Vince MacMahon requesting him to be the belt's permanent holder.

Is There Any Possible Resurrection?

WWE has speculated that it plans to bring back the Hardcore championship and use it in the new ECW as a supplementary title. It may be rebranded "Extreme Rules" rather than Hardcore Rules. A new belt may be created to substitute the broken-plated WWE Championship belt previously used. While the release date is still unclear, you can get our customized WWE Hardcore Championship Belt. It's the exact replica of the original one. Visit our website and gift your colleague or children after a "hardcore" pass in their finals! CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR BELT


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