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The History of UFC Legacy Championship Belt

Who is your favorite all-time UFC fighter? Well UFC fans I have some news! We have a new baby in our stores for you! but before that let me introduce this new baby in a better way!

In 2019 the first UFC event of the year came on one of the Saturdays! Who was in the ring? One of the greatest icons in bantamweight T.J. Dillashaw was moving down a weight class to challenge Henry Cejudo in a stunning flyweight title. This was not just a normal fight but it was symbolic since it was a celebration as the company began its partnership with a mega-agency called ESPN.

A better way to grace this occasion was to have a great fight promotion which in return unveiled a new “UFC Legacy Championship Belt” Friday and this will replace the current title belts which are worn by champions. This particular belt honors the UFC’s past while recognizing the amazing accomplishments of the current champions.

As of 2019, there were about 12 title belts in circulation, one for each weight class the UFC holds fights in (eight men’s and four women’s divisions). This new design was the first major alteration to the belt since 2001 when Zuffa ( This is an American sports promotion company specializing in mixed martial arts) purchased the UFC and introduced a new belt.

The winner of Dillashaw vs. Cejudo was to be the first fighter presented with the new UFC Legacy Championship Belt. And Just in 32 seconds into the first round, Cejudo earned a more-than-convincing TKO victory over Dillashaw to retain the flyweight championship and possibly keep the 125-pound division alive.

At this time all current belts looked identical but that changed going forward as the new belt was customized to each champion. It displays the fighter’s name, country, weight class, number of title defenses, and “each belt was assigned its own serial number and feature UFC president Dana White’s engraved signature for authenticity,”

Ladies and gentlemen! We have stocked the UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship Belt in our shop! Click here to get it at a discounted price!!!!


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