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The Greatest WWF Rowdy Roddy Piper!

One of the greatest stars in the wrestling industry was undoubtedly Roderick George "Roddy" Toombs mostly knowns as "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

Born in Canada on 17th April 1954 Roddy Piper, was an actor and outstanding professional wrestler. If there was one of the sensational contributors of WWF to be such great in the 1980s then it has to be this guy! His rivalry with hulk hogan was one of the big things to ever appear in the wrestling world! (You can order a replica belt at a crazy discount by clicking on this link)

Most interesting was after signing with WWF, he began as a TV host for Piper's Pit. He was unable to compete since he had injuries at Starrcade, and this led to the birth of the new Piper's Pit. The Piper's Pit was used to generate various feuds heading into shows or big-time events like WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, and Survivor Series.

Piper was Known for his kilt, and deafening bagpipe music, with a big mouth, and he almost feuded with everyone in the WWF sceneries, along with some celebrity big talents like the Cyndi Lauper and Mr. T. Piper was also the host of All-Star Rock 'N' Wrestling Saturday Spectacular, which was a preview lineup of CBS kid's shows and it consisted of bumper segments with Piper lording it over a studio audience.

Piper along with the WWE and, later, with WCW, largely competed in various large National Wrestling Alliance territories, and specifically in the Mid-Atlantic (the Carolinas), Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the Pacific Northwest territory in Portland, Oregon.

One of his biggest in-ring achievements is that he was a former five times NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Champion (3x w/Rick Martel, 1x w/Killer Tim Brooks, and 1x w/ Mike Popovich.) a former 3x NWA (Mid-Atlantic)/WCW United States Heavyweight Champion, a former WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion and a former WWE World Tag Team Champion (with Ric Flair).

After some time Piper halted his wrestling career in the early '90s to pursue an acting career in movies full time. He later returned to the limelight of WWE several times and the greatest height of his career was induction into its Hall of Fame in the year 2005 and subsequently to the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum later in 2007.

Unfortunately, On July 31, 2015, Our star rowdy Piper was found dead in his home from cardiac arrest at the age of 61.


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