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The Rock!! The Success story of WWE Star - Part 2

#3 Corporate Rock (1998-1999)

By 1998, The Rock had proved his worth and has shown the entire world that he was in the wrestling business to stay. After doing all that hard work to change his identity from Rocky Maivia to The Rock, fans had finally started rallying behind him as the future star, which makes his heel turn in 1998 even more impactful and surprising.

He turned heel at Survivor Series when he defeated McMahon's associate, Mankind and won his first WWF Championship. This turn successfully transitioned Rock from a mid-carder to the bonafide main eventer.

Writers banked on Rock's promo skills to get heat from the crowd as he embarked on an amazing feud with Mankind, which never lost a beat until Wrestlemania 15. At this stage, he had completely transformed his character as a Corporate guy and thus started wearing flashy shirts and designer shades to tease the crowd.

Many believe that this is probably Rock's best run in his career and those two years as the company man was the greatest heel work of all-time, but he went on to better himself in the years to come.

#4 The People's Champion (1999-2001)

This gimmick saw Dwayne become a multi-time champion

Rock turned face when Shane McMahon betrayed him to join forces with The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness.

After this, he started referring to himself as the People's Champion and again had people rallying behind him as their ultimate savior.

His razor-sharp promos' quality only increased with time and his charismatic attitude kept on gaining new fans with each passing week. The arrogance and attitude were still there but now he was focusing more on his performances than ever before.

This gimmick saw The Rock become a multi-time champion, join forces with Mankind as part of the 'Rock and Sock Connection', and have one of the most satisfying victories in history when he beat Triple H at Backlash 2000.

This persona truly established him as the WWF's prime player. Even though until 1999, he was only seen as a heel character, his "People's Champion" persona gave him one of the best babyface runs of all time and he again showed to the whole world that he is one of a kind

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