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Hot Tips To Consider When Looking For a Championship Belt

Championship Belt

I am a belt expert, and I want to help you discover how to tell a good belt whether a replica, custom or a real championship belt. The major underlying factors include: 1. Leather

2. Plates 3. Processing 4. Price

Championship Belt #1: Leather

The Leather on most poor quality belts is not leather. Well some might be but not really great quality in order to cut the cost. Some felt faulty as they tend to break apart easily.

While real belts have real cowhide leather, other times that when people get the poor quality Belts, they go online for a service of a belt maker to do a process of “Releather” in order to replace the bad leather to a Real One. And they put their name and actual logo on it for proof of the product. So when you buying a belt ensure the material on the straps is not just leather but pure leather.

Championship Belt #2: Plates

Some belts, have not that high quality of plate besides the material of zinc, like the etching is not as deep nor of the materials of the color doesn't match that often. Another thing is the curve and size of the plates, some were almost flat, while others felt thin and lightweight.

While the real ones have put time and effort with a deeper etch and exact coloring that's used in the ring. Belt Makers tend to make it feel authentic as people pay great money for an actual championship belt.

Championship Belt #3: Quality

The quality of the belt reflects the art behind it. The best belts take quite some time to process in order to satisfy the quality of it. A belt that takes one day or two to make is quite a substandard one. Like in championsbelts our quality is worth more when it comes to adhering to the best quality and processing a single belt. Like each belt we make an artwork as it can take weeks to develop one from scratch.

Championship Belt #4: Price

Pricing determines a lot when it comes to quality. Poor quality belts tend to be cheap. From Leather to Plates and the finishing product of how long it takes to finish one.

A good quality belt is a bit expensive since it depends on how authentic and prize worthy of the championship belt. There you have it folks remember we are offering great discounts in our end year sales. Click here to get yourself one.


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