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John Cena Sued By Ford For Selling Custom GT 2017

WWE champion John Cena is in trouble . This is after Ford company indicated that they will be suing John Cena , as per the lawsuit filed in US District Court in Michigan for selling his $500K 2017 Ford GT .

His actions violates a contract he entered in with the car company. John Cena was picked from many applicants to be liable to purchase the custom GT Ford 2017. Part of the contract read that he was to keep the car for at least two years , before disposing it . Only 500 of these cars were made by Ford .

The 2017 Ford GT

John Cena , Is a 40 year old American professional wrestler , actor , rapper and reality television show host and currently a free agent signed in WWE . He appears both in RAW and SmackDown . Ford claims that after John Cena received the car , and has sold it for a big profit and demands that he submits all the profit from the sale . But Cena in a rejoinder said that he sold the car to pay bills .

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" Mr. John Cena has unfairly made a large profit from the unauthorized resale of the vehicle , and Ford has greatly suffered additional damages and losses , including , but not limited to , loss of brand value , ambassador activity , and customer goodwill due to the improper sale . "

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