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NWA Black Television Championship Replica Belt (4mm Zinc)


After receiving massive appreciation from all of you for our previous wrestling belts, we are now presenting the NWA Black Television Championship Replica Belt. This latest belt in our library of stunning belts will be a great attraction for all the NWA fans. The bewildering and enthralling appearance of this masterpiece will undoubtedly grab the concentration of the audience. You can use this NWA Black Television Championship Replica Belt to uplift the appeal of your wrestling event by presenting this art piece as the winning trophy. The delicate layout of this appealing champions belt will surely enable you to stun your friends and make them feel jealous of you. The craftsmen have portrayed their skills by crafting this wonderful product that can serve as a gift, achievement award, or simply an art piece. NWA Black Television Championship Replica Belt is a classic item that will surely excite the participants of the wrestling event or shooting championship and force them to give their 100% percent to get their hands on this product.  


More About this Item:

  • Plate Material: Zinc AlloyVery Deep DesignMain Plate
  • Thickness: 4-5mm
  • Chrome Plating PlatesBack Red Leather StrapMain & Side Plate's length & width is almost the size of real belt.


Our NWA Black Television Championship Replica Belt will make anyone experience the highest sportsmen's feelings and have the same feeling as a real NWA champion.


So, don’t prolong it any further, and call us right now to place your order. You can also ask for any customization in the belt. We’d also love to hear any suggestions from you. 


If you have any queries regarding our products or want to contact our support team for suggestions, simply follow the link mentioned in the menu and get in touch with us without following any intricate process.



NWA Black Television Championship Belt (4mm Zinc)

$335.00 Regular Price
$195.00Sale Price
  • 2 - 3 Business Days

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