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The Iconic Big Gold World Heavyweight Title

In the wrestling world, one of the most sensational and dynamic iconic in belts is the Big Gold World Heavyweight Title. Most fans will tell you how sentimental this particular belt is! Did you know that we are offering 40% discount on all our belts? Please get yours before this offer expires! click here

The Big Gold World Heavyweight Title was launched by Jim Crockett Promotions for Ric Flair in the year 1985. At this particular time, he was the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. The most interesting this is that this belt was made by a silversmith not even a pro champion belts maker. The creator of the belt was called Charles Crumrune and he had a reputation for making bespoke belt buckles.

In the event you take a look at some of Crumlin's past belt buckles you will get to see where the inspiration for the big gold global heavyweight title comes from. Big Gold has replaced the old NWA title, then known as the Gold Dome Gloves, and has become one of the most iconic titles in the history of professional wrestling. The Domed Globe title was revived in 1994. The NWA or National Wrestling Alliance in the '70s was a group of many wrestling promotions, and at one point WCW was their flagship promotion. NWA champion Ric Flair made his belt debut in February 1986 at the Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF) event "Battle of the Belt II" and defended the title against Barry Wyndham.

The Hulk series belt has also dropped !!!! You can have a look at it HERE

This belt’s original strap on the title was brownish in color, but later became black thanks to all the sweat, baby oil, and very likely a fair amount of alcohol.

In wrestling history, If there’s one superstar whose name should permanently be attached with this belt, it would be Ric Flair. And the story of how he would take the belt from WCW to WWF and how the belt made its way back to WCW and then eventually back into WWE is pretty spectacular and too long to share in one column. If you’re a history buff and love the wrestling business, it is highly recommended that you read up or watch a brilliant documentary DVD called “The History Of The World Heavyweight Championship”

Between WCW and WWF, the World Heavyweight Title title was held by some of the most iconic superstars in pro wrestling history. I’m talking about the original belt before it was branded the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

The title was retired in WWE when Chris Jericho unified the WCW Championship (rebranded as the World Championship) and the WWF Championship to create the Undisputed WWF Championship on December 9, 2001 at Vengeance. He defeated then WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin and World Champion The Rock on the same night. That's all for now folks!


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