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What happened to WWE Star Rey Mysterio? Part 2

Mysterio won his third Tag Team title on February 20, 2005 with Eddie Guerrero. During the pay-per-view WrestleMania XXI, the two fought each other in a friendly match where Mysterio won. Eddie Guerrero was frustrated by the fact that he can’t beat Mysterio, which led to his betrayal and a feud which involved Mysterio’s son Dominic wherein Eddie claimed that he was the biological father of the boy.

The feud culminated in a Ladder Match at SummerSlam 2005 where Mysterio finally defeated his former partner for the “custody” of his son. After the death of Eddie in November 13, 2005, Mysterio gave an emotional speech for his friend and removed his mask afterwards, although he bowed his head to hide his face. He dedicated his matches in memory of Eddie by either name chanting or using the latter’s signature moves.

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A year later Mysterio shocked the wrestling community after winning the Royal Rumble match in 2006 and eventually the World Heavyweight Championship in Wrestlemania XXII.

He was given the nickname “underdog champion” and successfully defended the title against other wrestlers until losing it to King Booker at the 2006 The Great American Bash due to Chavo Guerrero’s interference. The two would then feud along with Vickie Guerrero, the widow of Eddie Guerrero, and end up with Mysterio written out of the storyline for another knee surgery.

Mysterio went back in action during SummerSlam 2007, exacting revenge on Chavo Guerrero and ended the storyline in the same year with an “I Quit” match where Mysterio emerged victorious in the same manner as how Chavo put him out of action.

He feuded with Finlay and Edge until a biceps injury kept him out of the ring for six months, with three surgeries performed in one month.rey-mysterio-prime

June 23, 2008 marked Mysterio’s return to the ring and was drafted from SmackDown to Raw due to the 2008 WWE Draft. In 2009 he accepted the Intercontinental Championship challenge issued by John “Bradshaw” Layfield (JBL) at WrestleMania XXV and won in a record time of 21 seconds. The victory earned Mysterio the prestige of being the 21st Triple Crown Champion in the history of WWE.

Mysterio was drafted back to the SmackDown brand at the 2009 WWE Draft. For the first time since 2002, the Intercontinental title was made exclusive to this brand thanks to the draft. Mysterio had a long-term feud with Chris Jericho which climaxed in a “Title vs. Mask” match where the luchador won by deceiving Jericho with another mask.

On August 2, Mysterio was slapped with a 30 day suspension for violating WWE’s Wellness policy. Mysterio stated that he used a drug for his arm and knee which had a prescription but failed to show it to the company as he was on a promotional tour and vacation. This also cost him the Intercontinental title.

The masked wrestler returned on the 2009 pay-per-view Hell in a Cell with a failed attempt on the Unified Tag Team Championship with his former partner Batista. The two eventually became rivals after Batista lost his temper during a different match, causing him to attack Mysterio and gradually turn into a heel.

The two clashed in the ring several times which later involved the legendary wrestler The Undertaker, and the feud ended with Mysterio victorious against Batista in a Steel Cage match. This earned Mysterio a title shot for the World Heavyweight Championship (held by The Undertaker) but he failed to beat the phenom.

Mysterio then feuded with CM Punk and his “Straight Edge Society”, won the World Heavyweight Championship after defeating the champion Jack Swagger, losing the title to The Undertaker’s storyline brother Kane, and clashed with a debuting fellow Mexican wrestler Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes, the son of WWE legend Dusty Rhodes.

The Downfall of Rey Mysterio – The flight descends

Mysterio was drafted again to the Raw brand in 2011 where he won the WWE Championship title for the first time, only to lose it the same night to the former titleholder John Cena. Another injury on August of the same year kept Mysterio out of the ring, and his hiatus stretched 60 days more due to a second Talent Wellness Policy violation.

After almost one year Mysterio returned to Raw and suffered consecutive failed attempts on winning the Intercontinental title, and the Tag Team title with fellow luchador Sin Cara.

Fortune seemed to not favor Mysterio as he suffered yet another knee injury early 2013.

He returned on October 2013 as part of the Spanish commentary during Hell in a Cell. Mysterio failed to capture titles or win significant matches, and Mysterio took another time off after his defeat against Bad News Barrett the following night after WrestleMania XXX.

It was during this break when he decided that he wanted to leave WWE for good. Various interviews revealed that Mysterio felt that his career had no direction, his busy schedule made him miss important family events, his frequent injuries took a toll on both his body and work, and WWE even renewed his contract without his permission. He even stopped cashing paychecks as a sign of displeasure on the surprise renewal.

Mysterio no longer returned in any WWE programming, instead he sent a video message at the TripleMania XXII pay-per-view of AAA, and took the time to visit Lucha Underground, a lucha libre television series in Mexico. WWE eventually announced the expiry of Mysterio’s contract in February 2015 and moved his profile to the Alumni section.

What is Rey Mysterio Doing Now ?

On March 2015, Mysterio was again signed to AAA and he again used his old ring name Rey Mysterio Jr. and debuted in the Rey de Reyes on March 18, 2015 where he teamed up with Myzteziz, who was also his former WWE partner Sin Cara, versus El Hijo del Perro Aguayo and Pentagon Jr. Three days later, Mysterio Jr. teamed up with Extreme Tiger and fought the team of Aguayo and Manik at a CRASH lucha libre event.

Aguayo fell unconscious after a dropkick from Mysterio Jr. (to set up his 619), was rushed to the hospital by paramedics, and was pronounced dead at around 1:00 AM. Mysterio Jr. and Konnan served as pallbearers during the rey-mysterio-in-2016funeral, both visibly shaken up.

Two months later, Mysterio Jr. formed the “Dream Team” for the tournament Lucha Libre World Cup.

The team consisted of Mysterio Jr., Myzteziz, and El Patron Alberto (formerly WWE’s Alberto Del Rio). The trio emerged victorious in the tournament.

On TripleMania XXIII last August 9, Mysterio Jr. defeated Myzteziz in what was dubbed as the “dream match” between the two most famous luchadores. The event ended with Myzteziz spitting on Mysterio Jr. and challenging him to a Luchas de Apuestas, or a match where both luchadores put an important item on the line, usually their mask or hair. Remember you can get a Replica or customized belt at a discounted price! Just click here and use the Code ERK19.


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